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Have you got your Director's ID yet?

Have you got your Director's ID yet?

Are you a Director appointed under the Corporations Act? Whether it be a trading company or a corporate trustee, changes have been made on how you go about proving your identity.

One of those changes is the implementation of Director's ID and if you were a Director on or before 31 October 2021, you have until 30 November 2022 to apply for your unique identification number.

This is something you must do yourself as neither your registered BAS nor Tax Agents can do this on your behalf.

At this stage, there are 2 ways you can do this:

  • Online; or
  • Over the phone

To apply online, you will need a myGovID to log into the Australian Business Registry Services (ABRS). If you don't have a myGovID set up, this link will take you to the set up page. Please ensure you have sufficient identification paperwork handy to do the set up for at least a Standard Identity strength.

Once you have the myGovID, you can log into the ABRS and follow the steps here to create your unique Directors ID. Again, make sure you have the information required handy before you begin.

If you don't have a myGovID and want instead to talk to someone, you can contact the ABRS directly on 13 62 50. Remember you will need to prove your identity to them prior to them being able to assist you. As with applying online, make sure you have the information required before you ring.

Please note, due to the high volume of calls currently being experienced, the ABRS recommend to apply online where possible.

Here's a handy video produced by the ABRS which goes through the steps and the ABRS Website which goes through any other questions you may have.

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